How Do You Use Social Media for Marketing?

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I started to work for this guy about seven years ago, when I got out of college. At the time he was married and I never saw him outside of the office, but about three years ago his wife left him and in fact she had to pay the guy a great deal of alimony and split up a lot of property with him. She had just inherited a huge sum of money from her grandfather. In hindsight she should have got a pre nuptial agreement. At any rate right now I am looking to buy instagram followers, or more specifically trying to figure out how to market the thing that he is working on. It is a new toy in all honesty, a night club that he expects will impress girls of the sort he has been chasing ever since he became single. Some way or another I ended up getting appointed his wingman, and I am in charge of this project.

The idea is pretty simple, you open up the hottest club in town and then you only let in hot girls. I have to admit that I appreciate the idea on it’s merits. If you have the money to burn on the idea and you want to meet girls. My job is to make this happen, so I figure that it needs to work. It really does not need to make money, but it can not lose money either. That is literally what the boss told me. He just wants to keep the losses at a certain level, the level which he can afford to write off of his taxes. He figures that he will meet the wrong sort of girl and they will be impressed with him for all the wrong reasons, which will be all the profit he needs.

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