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This guy at work is trying to convince me to go in with him on an idea he found on the web. They call it an 7 figure cycle review and I read about it as much as I could without paying them for the information.It is not so difficult an idea, but I have been trying to figure out how to make it work for me. You find a product and then you buy it, after that your part in the thing is all but over. You would not really do that much else in fact. Instead of getting the product yourself, you would have it sent to a place called a fulfillment center. Amazon and a lot of other similar web based e commerce sites are running these things. They have a simple purpose. You would sell the stuff on a part of Amazon’s web page called the Amazon Market Place. Then when the order came in they would pack it up and ship, just like they would if it were one of their own products.

The tough thing is that Amazon and all of their competitors are already five steps ahead of you. Twenty years ago they were only selling books I think, but they sell almost any product that you can imagine right now. They are buying all of it at a much lower price point than you are going to get it for as well. So if you are competing against them, that means that you are going to sell stuff dirt cheap. It is a big problem that you are not going to be able to solve unless you find the right product and you get the right price for selling it. If you can do that and pay your debts the rest of it is easy.

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